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Craft your Stride profile

Claim your Stride career profile so employers have all they need to invite you to opportunities.


Get discovered by ambitious companies

Get hand-picked for jobs based on your passion and skill - when you get an invite, you can be confident it's a good fit!



Get paid for being engaged

You heard that right. Earn real money just by creating a profile and responding to employers. The game has changed. 

We've had enough of the world of work letting down talented graduates.

Universities, recruiters and job boards don't provide the support required to prepare you for the world of work.

Stride is here to change all of that. We believe that everyone is uniquely talented. It's our job to find matching opportunities and make meaningful connections that lead to fulfilling work. 













Stride's mission is to build a bridge between education and employment, so ambitious people can find their meaningful place in the world of work.







We’re with you from the first step to the final Stride

Stride’s tech and matching algorithms are incredibly smart, but we know sometimes you want to talk to an actual person. Throughout your job search, you can chat, text message or email the Stride team. Ask us anything, we’ve heard it all before. We’ll help you discover a career built for you.


Connect with decision-makers - No more ghosting

Job boards are like black holes where your CV enters the abyss, never to be seen again. Stride puts you in direct communication with the person calling the shots, so you’ll always get a reply.


Exclusive access to London’s most exciting jobs

We only work with startups who are as innovative as we are, so you can forge a meaningful career and make an impact at a company that cares about more than simply hitting numbers.


Get paid while you job hunt!

Before Stride, finding a job was anything but rewarding. Not anymore. Earn Stride Tokens every time you interact with an employer. Your time and data are valuable. Stride believes you should be rewarded when you spend time with us.

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Humans and technology
disrupting together

Stride was born from a team of recent graduates and frustrated job seekers obsessed with helping people at a crucial time in their lives. The career path can be a bumpy journey, but we're here to point graduates in the right direction to discover meaning. With brilliant tech combined with expert human support, we're helping young people discover their future.

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